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Vova Pavluhin - a story of one boy...

  With trepidation and tenderness I treat Vova Pavluhin a boy from Orphanage House #46, who was adopted in summer of 2003 by Russian family, or more precisely by an unmarried woman, St.Petersburg State Hermitages employee T. Malinina. It has already been a long time since very friendly and kind relations has been established between our Club and the new family. And, besides that in winter of 2004, I, the Vice President of the Rotaract Club, Tina Khmelnitskaya became the Godmother of Vova Pavluhin. Every month our Club help the new family, patronizes the boy, support his artistic talents.

This boy is of a great importance for me and among all other projects, which are being carried out by our Club, supporting and patronizing him is my priority. Usually, you get strongly attached to the Orphanages, while working with them; later the children are adopted by the families in the USA, or Italy and they leave forever not only the country but also those, who loved and lavished care upon them. Not always the new mom and dad sympathize their childs old relations to the Orphanage house. Therefore, I am very happy that Vovas new mother doesnt impede us visiting the boy, moreover she never refuses our help and always glad to see us. By the example of Vova I try to destroy the myth that children are taken away from the Orphanage houses and are sold into bondage or are given for organs. I was a witness of how a new family appeared, where the mom does everything to put her son on his feet, provide him with good education (Vova goes to the School of Arts, learns German language, studies in the circle History of Arts in the State Hermitage), takes care of the boys health (our Club has also helped in Vovas medical check up in the hospital of the Academy of Science); in summer she took him to the Crimea. 13-years old boy saw the sea for the first time.

  Our friends from Rotary Clubs in California treated also very warmly the creation of the new family and constantly render moneyed assistance to Vova and his mother. Among those who help us I would like especially mention the friend of Rotary Club St.Petersburg NEVA Karen Fox, who always helps the boy, as well as the member of Rotary Club St.Helena CA Norm Manzer, who gave Vova a camera after the school year was over and a new computer, laptop IBM ThinkPad 600 for the beginning of the new school year.

Rotaract Clubs Vice-President                         Tina Khmelnitskaya


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