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   The present Rotaract is deeply involved in project with Orphanage home #46 helping and supporting children there by art supplies for their painting classes and art and crafts classes. As well as organizing exhibitions of the kids in famous exhibition places in St. Petersburg. According to what we and the teachers in the Orphanage home think the most important part in art education for the children is making their paintings exhibitions so that all kids could be stimulated for studying and learning more when they could feel and see their own success and final results of their art works on these exhibitions. Every time when our Rotaract club arranges kids' exhibitions we are trying to invite for the opening ceremony well-known and famous painters and art historians which are talking to the kids, persuading them to develop their art and artistic skills. To each of the child we are giving presents during the opening ceremony, so they would like to do more arts; we are also making tea for them with many sweats which children unfortunately could not afford to have in the Orphanage home as well as the small concerts and theatre performances. The first exhibition took place in the Palace of Trubetskih known as International Center of Historical Buildings' Preservation. The second exhibition was organized on the 1st of March in the Lermontov Palace Library . The third exhibition took place in the Palace of Grand Duke Vladimir Romanov on April the 16th. This exhibition was organized together with the kids' paintings from Washington DC and Berlin City (Germany). Unfortunately, the kids from United States and Germany could not participate in the opening ceremony.
    Children in the Orphanage home #46 never before had an opportunity to have so many interesting art classes and to participate in such interesting art exhibitions and events. The photos from the exhibitions can be found here


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